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Posted on
February 21st 2019

Loft Conversions

Are you searching for professional loft conversion ideas for a design? Are you thinking of a clever means of setting out an extra bedroom, bathroom and even living space? It is important to get a perfect structure and budget before you commence any work on the interior design of your loft conversion. You also need to consider the configuration of the room and position of the window to ensure energy efficiency. Read our expert tips to ensure that you know everything that involves the planning of your loft conversion.

Ensure that your loft is suitable for conversion?

Usually, lofts with 2.3m height are usually easily convertible even though obstacles such as water tanks and the pitch of the roof can also hinder the decision-making process. If the roof space is less than 2.3m, there is still hope for a conversion. The removal of a certain section or all sections of your roof makes it easy to gain the headspace that is required. Although, this might add to the cost and it requires planning permission as compared to a more simple conversion. Additionally, it is also possible to lower the room ceilings or opt-in for modular conversion.